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DEXTRA GmbH was founded in 2006 with its registered office in Grevenbroich, Germany.

We market Flat and Long Products in the European Union and its neighbouring regions.

We operate in the following fields:

Automotive and automotive supplier industry
General metal processing and preprocessing
Construction industry (interior finishing and outside use)
Electronic and household equipment
Furniture industry
Innovative applications in renewable energy

Thanks to our well-developed logistics network consisting of carefully chosen partners, we can follow the goods sold by us from the factory to the customer. We provide the following services, among others:

Sea transport from the country of origin to a European port
Import customs clearance
Transhipment in the European port
Forwarding to the final customer (trimodal transport via road, rail, ship)
Prompt creation of meaningful documentation

Our customer service doesn't end with the arrival of the goods. For example, DEXTRA GmbH holds product liability insurance which gives our customers even more security in their day-to-day business.

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